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Tattoo Aftercare

This is a general run down of your bandaging and tattoo aftercare. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your healing tattoo, please don't hesitate to email me @

Bandaging Information

  • I use second skin bandaging for all tattoos.

  • Second skin bandaging is relatively new in the tattoo world and has changed the healing process forever! Gone are the days of uncomfortable scabbing and unbearable itchiness.

  • This clear bandage is applied directly to your fresh tattoo which you leave on for 5 - 7 days.

  • You can shower/bathe with your bandage on as long as you don't soak it for too long. Make sure your bandage is dried afterwards.

  • You will notice blood and plasma pooling up under the bandage. Let it marinate! Don't drain it. Anything from barely anything to a large goopy amount is normal. Everyone heals differently.

  • To remove the bandage, do so in a shower or warm bath. Pull a corner AWAY from the tattoo until the bandage starts to lift. 

  • Give your tattoo a nice gentle wash after the bandage is off.

  • Note: If you cannot use second skin bandaging, I have alternative bandaging options - but I HIGHLY recommend only opting out of second skin bandaging due to an allergy rather than simply preference. Second Skin bandaging has absolutely changed the way tattoos heal.


Aftercare & Products

  • Once your bandage is off, the best thing to do it keep your tattoo clean and dry. Aftercare and healing time is about 6 weeks from the day you got your tattoo. 

  • Do not overdo products on your healing tattoo. Less is more and the body knows what to do.

  • I recommend an anitbacterial soap such as Pears to wash your tattoo with twice a day. Use a soft wash cloth to pat it dry. 

  • I also recommend a small amount of unscented lotion twice a day. Ensure it is rubbed in thoroughly. 

  • Stay out of pools, hot tubs, lakes and oceans for 6 weeks. Limit sun exposure. Do not put sunscreen on a healing tattoo. 

  • To help maintain vibrancy, there are many tattoo balm products on the market. 

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